20 Awesome Uses Of Shea Butter

Coming from the fruit of Karite or more commonly called the Shea tree, Shea butter is widely accepted as a superfood. It is naturally rich in Vitamins F, E and A. At the same time, Shea butter offers exceptional protection against UV rays with the exceptional amounts of fatty acids and collagen reproduction capabilities.

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The Unholy Trinity Of Oily Skin, Acne And Itchiness—What Causes It?

Ask women their worst skin fears; eighty percent of them would shout out ‘oily skin’. It is downright frustrating to casually slide your fingers on your cheek and see a layer of oil come off.

While you may have friends who face the same issue and of course those who manage to have flawless skin all year round, we got some not-so-fair news for you—it all comes down to genetics.

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Looking for Christmas Gifts for Men? Check Out What We Offer

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone who you don’t know very well is always a challenging task. Especially for men; as they tend to be more reserved about their material likes and dislikes.

The best way to approach this problem is to get gifts that are practical. Everyone appreciates and utilizes useful products.

The following items that we offer are perfect in this regard.

Some Grooming Products

When getting someone something pragmatic,

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