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It’s Not Just Lethal: This Disease Is Personal

It’s Not Just Lethal: This Disease Is Personal

To hell with Cancer! Let me tell you a little bit about my personal experience...In 2007, I lost my long-time accountant Kendra to a hard-fought battle with breast cancer. Our relationship was beyond that of a typical client - provider, we were also close personal friends. Finding out that someone dear to you has a cancer diagnosis is a horrifying experience. The worst part of it all is she was having a difficult time accepting her late-stage diagnosis, and that I had no idea how I was going to help her work through those feelings. I soon realized the best thing I could do for her was simply be there to listen. And that was indeed the case, until the very end. Kendra would’ve been 44 years old this October, and I miss her tremendously.

After Kendra passed away, and just when I thought I had banished the tragedy of cancer from my life, at least for a time, I found myself with a diagnosis of my own. After going in for some routine screenings, my doctor asked me to go back for additional blood tests. I hadn’t felt like myself for months, and just hoped he wasn’t going to inform me that I was terminally ill, as in the case of Kendra. It turns out I’d developed cancer in the bladder and I too was in a battle for my life. I ended up coming out of remission three times after my first diagnosis and going through chemo twice when the disease was discovered in my bladder. I ultimately beat it, and it felt like a miracle, finally putting it to rest.

In honor of breast cancer month, aside from scheduling your annual mammogram, it's a great idea for you to take stock of your overall physical health. You should consider some key sources for natural disease prevention with which you might not already be familiar. While these remedies aren't meant to be cures or interpreted as a way of keeping you from getting sick entirely, there are a few products that could help with prevention. I have referenced some helpful info about this disease here.

Above all, the task of keeping yourself disease-free means you're maintaining a strong exercise routine and healthy diet. In addition, natural remedies like alkaline blood, and other immune system builders like vitamin D, shea butter, and CBD can go a long way in supplementing your general health.

At the end of the day, staying positive and keeping yourself motivated can't be underestimated. Working on your health means paying attention to yourself. Something as simple as investing $15 on a naturally unscented soap or shea butter because you know it's the safer alternative is a great place to start! 

Curtis Smith

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