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5000 B.C. Beard Balm | Xotics(3 Piece Set)

5000 B.C. Beard Balm | Xotics(3 Piece Set)



5000 BC Beard Balm

  • Shea Butter and Beeswax deeply moisturize and provide reliable control
  • Nurtures follicles while replenishing beard nutrients
  • Available in 3 aromas: Tuxedo, Sport, and Success

Sport : A floral early note followed by a clean energetic aroma.  Sport is the active "man on the go" aroma.

Success : A light fruity citrus note paired with a sweet undertone. We believe success is happiness.

Tuxedo : A sweet and nutty aroma centered around amber with a sophisticated and woodsy essence.  Tuxedo will put her under your spell.

    For use by: Men
    For: All Skin Types


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