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"All 3!" 5000 BC Beard Oil Variety Set

"All 3!" 5000 BC Beard Oil Variety Set

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5000 B.C. Beard Oil Variety Set

  • Success : This balm has a light fruity citrus note paired with a sweet undertone. We believe success is happiness and this is a happy smell.
  • Sport : This balm has a floral early note followed by a clean energetic aroma to follow. This is the out and active aroma.
  • Tuxedo : This balm has an amber and nutty yet sophisticated woodsy feel. This smell will capture your sense of smell.

  • Fragrant blend containing Hempseed and Broccoli oil enhances hair color and strength while promoting sustained growth
  • Tames coarse and unruly facial hair while nourishing underneath to maintain healthy, exfoliated skin
  • Crafted with all natural ingredients: paraben and chemical free
  • Handmade in New York, USA

For use by: Men
For skin that is: All Skin Types



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