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Classic Razor &Shave Therapy Shave System Set

Classic Razor & Shave Therapy Shave System Set

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With Shave Therapy you get three products for the price of one: a shaving lotion, aftershave, and daily moisturizer. The essential oil blend is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, keeping your skin healthy while leaving a cool, energized feeling that will help you wake up in the morning. Natural shea butter and aloe vera reduce irritation, razor bumps, and dryness, softening and conditioning your skin to promote healthy growth. The clear formula allows you to see your hair while you shave so you are guaranteed the closest, cleanest shave possible. Shave Therapy will keep your skin smooth, soft, and touchable, all day long.

Curtis Smith:

Putting too much pressure on a razor as you shave causes razor bumps, irritation, nicks, and cuts. My goal with Shave Therapy was to create a product that would allow a razor to glide as easily as possible so you never have to worry about pressure and irritation again. With Shave Therapy, stinging, burning and unpleasant fragrances are a thing of the past. Our product offers a comfortable, natural, and invigorating shaving experience.

Skincare is not just for women, especially if you want your skin to be smooth and easy to get close to! I formulated Blue Water after shave to fill a void in men's skincare: a product that feels good, smells even better, and heals your skin with natural, healthy ingredients.

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