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Matte Black & Gold 2 piece Shear Set |Xotics

Matte Black & Gold 2 piece Shear Set |Xotics

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Matte Black & Gold 5.5 inch 2 piece Shear Set

Take your cuts to the next level!  Professional Salon Quality Barber & Stylist Shears. Get the job done, and look stylish while doing it. These Shears Will Give You Precise & Sleek Cut. For at home or professional use.

Here's why you need these shears:

  • Made with 100% high quality, light weight J2 German steel are made for long-lasting precision cutting.
  • Powder coated not painted for more durability.
  • Customizable tension gold plated knob, and finger slot grooves create a more comfortable surface giving more control.
  • Two Piece Includes 5.5" Cutting and Thinning Shears.
  • Leather protective case included.


Curtis Smith:

I have always thought that the mark of a professional barber is not only skill, but also quality tools. Whether you're working in busy barber shop or out of your own basement, you'll know you're a pro with these quality shears.

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