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Sweet Jamila -Buy 1 Get One 50% OFF

Sweet Jamila -Buy 1 Get One 50% OFF

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  • Formulated to combat hair loss while protecting against heat, breakage, and sun damage
  • Protects split ends while promoting sustained hair growth and fighting bacteria and dandruff
  • Our universal blend is formulated to cohere seamlessly with all hair and skin types
  • For use by Men & Women
  • For hair that is: Normal, Dry, Chemically treated, Natural, Damaged 

Curtis Smith:

When I began serving clients, I noticed that a lot of the middle aged men and women were starting to experience hair loss and also suffered from dry skin. After researching the properties of essential oils and natural butters, I developed Sweet Jamila, a product formulated to combat hair loss. But I soon discovered that it wasn’t just good for older clients. When my staff and I began to use Sweet Jamila on clients, we saw that their new hair growth was healthier, softer, smoother, and more manageable. And, in addition to providing moisture and healing damaged hair, my hair glaze was a great styling agent! Once I realized all the great benefits of Sweet Jamila, I knew I had to make it available to everyone.


Ingredients: Shea butter, Jo-Joba, Hempseed Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Fragrance. 



Key Ingredients

Shea Butter

Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, protects the skin's natural oils.

Avocado Oil  

Calm itchy skin, replenish dry skin, shield skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Jo-Joba Oil

Moisturizer, remove wrinkles.

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