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5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off With Sulfate-Free Hair Care!

5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off With Sulfate-Free Hair Care!
When it comes to hair care products, people are often advised against using products that include sulfates. The problem is, until and unless you are looking through the no-foam shampoo aisle, there is a good chance your shampoo will have sulfates in it. Some of the most common sulfates you should avoid when purchasing hair care products are sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Hair care products that contain these ingredients can prove detrimental for your hair in the long run. Looking for more reasons? Here’s why you are better with sulfate-free hair care products

#1-They Give You Scalp Acne

According to a research study, individuals who use hair care products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate are at a higher chance of getting scalp acne. If you have been using traditional over the counter shampoos, at some point in time you must have noticed zits on your head. These tiny zits can become inflamed red and can cause significant irritation.

#2-They Are A Leading Cause Of Hair Loss

The same research study also concluded that sulfates are a leading reason behind hair loss. Sulfates can be deposited into hair follicles, causing irritation and damage. Unfortunately, even when you check out five of the top ‘hair loss shampoos’ available in the market, you will notice that they contain sulfates.

#3-They Strip Your Scalp And Hair Of Natural Oils

Sulfates are perfect for cleaning greasy deposits and oil buildups. However, if you use sulfate shampoos or conditioners too frequently, you could be putting your hair and scalp at risk of losing natural oils. Particularly, people who inherently have oily scalps may experience even oiler scalp conditions a few hours after every time they wash their hair with sulfate shampoos.

#4-They Irritate Your Face And Scalp

Ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate both are culprits behind most cases of irritation in scalp and surrounding skin. The trouble is, it is not just your scalp that would be damaged; you may even notice side effects around your forehead, cheeks and neck.

#5-They Dull Your Hair Color

Particularly for men and women who have colored hair; going for a sulfate free shampoo is a great idea. Sulfates are well recognized for their detergent like qualities, which means they clean really well. Shampooing your hair daily or once every two days means stripping them off their natural color. Many people who have switched to sulfate free hair care products report better hair color and long lasting results with artificial hair coloring. At Xotics Products, we have a wide collection of sulfate-free hair care products. Our collection is put together keeping your comfort and expectations in mind. Throw away the shampoos you have been using and switch to healthier alternatives that protect your hair for years! Have some questions? Feel free to get in touch with us today.


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