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About Us

 Curtis Smith Creator Of Xotics Products


Curtis Smith is a visionary, award winning industry leading Barber who serves as personal groomer to mogul Sean Diddy Combs, Usher Raymond, and many more. He is the creator of Hair Battle Tour, Xotics products, Cut Chemist BW, and Master Barber inc. He has also been awarded Gillette man of style in 2009. His work has been seen on the big screen, TV, magazines, and billboards all over the world. As the co-star of the CW network's hit show Cedric's Barber battle. As father of two and husband. Leader of 31 dedicated members of his Team Xotics Curtis believes in family and community first.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to create a hand-crafted product with the highest quality natural ingredients to provide a balance between appearance and well-being while using ingredients derived from the Earth's gifts.

The Xotics Products line contains no artificial colors, is completely free of chemicals, parabens, petroleum, and sulfates and has never been tested on animals.

Our quality hair and skin products are comprised of natural essential oils and butters that work effectively on all hair textures and skin types. They are mixed the old-fashioned way by hand in small batches for greater quality control that ensures that the product you receive is always fresh.

Xotics natural hair care products are sold exclusively on-line, in fine barber shops and beauty salons, and specialty stores.

Premium Skin Care Products Online

Xotics Products offers quality skin care products, handcrafted from all natural ingredients. Free from sulfates, harmful chemicals, Parabens, artificial colors and petroleum, our products offer natural freshness and effectiveness. Each product is mixed the old-fashioned way to ensure that it delivers. Prepared with care and in small batches, Xotics Products supports all who want to have an all-natural lifestyle regime. Available in wholesale as well, businesses such as barber shops, beauty salons and specialty stores can buy supplies from us at affordable prices. So go ahead and browse through our selection of quality and natural skin and hair products.


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