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The Unholy Trinity Of Oily Skin, Acne And Itchiness—What Causes It?

Curtis Smith

Posted on March 10 2017

Ask women their worst skin fears; eighty percent of them would shout out ‘oily skin’. It is downright frustrating to casually slide your fingers on your cheek and see a layer of oil come off. While you may have friends who face the same issue and of course those who manage to have flawless skin all year round, we got some not-so-fair news for you—it all comes down to genetics. Your oily skin induced complexion and acne might just be because of your forefathers. The good news? There are plenty of ways to minimize the symptoms, decrease oil production and regain a fresh look. But first, let’s discuss more causes behind this sticky problem:

High Levels Of Stress

Both physical and emotional stress can trigger the production of extra oil. Stress typically puts you in a situation where you have only two options—fight or flight. If you choose to stick around and fight, it follows is a dramatic amount of hormonal surge in your body. This surge stimulates oil glands to fire up and produce more of the sticky icky.

Menstrual Cycles

Your body goes through a cycle of hormonal production every month. As the hormones oscillate, they stimulate the oil glands in the process making your skin stickier. Yes, this explains the acne bouts you typically have before periods.

Weather Conditions

While most skin experts believe that sweat glands continue working the same through each season but changing weather can have a dramatic impact on the amount of oil you see on your skin. You are likely to see more oil in the warmer months when there is high humidity.

Cosmetics That Clog

Heavy duty make up can clog all your skin pores and worsen the situation. You might notice excess oil even days after you have washed the makeup. Even activities like touching your face or sticking the phone to your face for longer periods may have the same effect.

What Can You Do?

To help you ease the mess, here are a few tips that will come in handy:
  • Invest in natural skincare products, starting off with a cleanser.
  • Test out primers as they will level down the shine and dry up the oil.
  • Buy a leaflet of blotting papers and keep them with you to absorb all excess oil with a swipe.
  • Consult a reliable dermatologist.
Nobody likes acne, oily skin, irritation or redness on the face. Fortunately, you can work your way around all of that by investing in natural skin care products. Check out our collection of paraben and sulfate free skincare products, specifically designed keeping your skin type in mind!

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