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Versatile & Effective Grooming Products for the Modern Man!

Versatile & Effective Grooming Products for the Modern Man!
Gone are the days when skincare was synonymous with feminine beauty, and all men had to their name was an aftershave and a deodorant! However, with the rise of the metrosexual male, things are changing, and for the better. Well-groomed men now have a whole market of high quality skincare products catering to their needs, and here at Xotics Products, we strive to be at the forefront of it all! Fact of the matter is the male epidermis is a lot oilier and prone to damage from exposure to sunlight. This makes feminine skincare products unsuitable for them. Here are some of the leading grooming products that men can buy online, via our website.

Shaving kits

A high quality shaving kit is an important part of any well-groomed man’s repertoire. Shaving gel, straight razor, aftershave lotion or spray all help create the perfect shaving experience ensuring minimum drag. This Shave System, for example, contains two products that together serve up as shaving lotion, aftershave, and daily moisturizer! This Shave Therapy Gift Set is another option for anyone looking for a sweet hair care and after-shave moisturizer deal.


It is widely assumed that moisturizing is for aging skin and for men who suffer from dry skin. However, not many realize that washing with soap, and shaving every day can leave anyone’s skin dry. The good news is that there are a number of male skin-friendly moisturizing products. For example, this Shave Therapy 3 in 1 Shavers Lotion penetrates pores and moisturizes from within. And like all good moisturizing lotions it also has a sunscreen built within.

Beard Care

Beard is back, and that means metrosexuals are busy growing out the facial forest. And they need all the help they can get! Beard care oils and emollients keep the hair strong and manageable, while preventing breakage and split ends. Check out our 5000 BC Beard Oil for a very masculine and itch-free beard growth. With regular use, the rich ingredients also help maintain healthy, exfoliated skin for men.

The Last Word!

Here at Xotics Products, we strive to make it a pleasure for you to indulge in a bit of self-care with their high quality, natural products. From high quality, premium skin care products featuring natural ingredients such as Shea butter and almond oil, to quality hair products and quality shaving products, we offer it all! Explore our products!


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