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The Manly Man: A Quick Guide to Masculine Style Evolution

The Manly Man: A Quick Guide to Masculine Style Evolution
Google Trends—a tool by Google that keeps track of the hottest search hits—reported that searches regarding beards were at an all time high in 2013. There were a few drivers behind this massive search for the perfect beard. Ben Affleck, George Clooney and many other celebrities started donning them and then there was the hipster trend with the man bun and beard combination. At the same time, beards went corporate as well. In America’s trendiest neighborhoods, beards have already taken over. In fact, one New York Times writer described walking down Bedford Avenue as going through an ‘a veritable ocean of beards’. Of course, these are just fun facts and figures. How about we get down to business? If you are looking forward to don the perfect facial hair and highlight your manly man features, you are going to have to do the following: Here are some tips to evolve your masculine style in the best way possible:

Growing The Right Facial Hair

Simply put, hair is tiny dead pieces of you gradually erupting out of your body. If they lived a great life as cells, they will come out as good hair. Otherwise, your beard wouldn’t be good enough. Therefore, to have a perfect beard, you will have to start by making dramatic changes to your diet. A diet that is high in protein will help you achieve the beard epicness you seek. Proteins help boost testosterone production in the body which eventually translates into better functioning at every manly thing your body needs to do. On the other hand, apart from eating proteins, also make sure you eat enough greens and lift some weights to spike up the test levels.

Beard Maintenance

Once you have your beard growing on the path of epic manliness, you will have to look after it. Resist the urge to shampoo your beard in the shower every day. Only wash it once or twice a week as otherwise you will strip it of the natural oils it so desperately needs. Once you are done showering, immediately put on some beard oil. We have a wide collection of beard care products that help you achieve that lush shine and growth. Why use them? They will make the beard shine, keep it soft and prevent any development of beard dandruff.

Style It Right

The best beard styles are the Garibaldi and the Verdi. The Garibaldi is a round, bushy beard while the Verdi is a shorter beard with longer moustache. If you can’t really grow out a thicker beard, we’d say grow what you got. Also, don’t forget to use a beard balm to keep it in shape. There you go; a quick and short guide to achieving the manly man beard look! Browse around our collection of hair care products online and explore a variety of products that can take your beard game to the next level.


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