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Total Body Soap (4.5 Oz.)

Total Body Soap (4.5 Oz.)


Sweet Jamila

Low lather, non strpping, deep moisturizing formula.

Great skin begins with moisture!! Xotics body soap is infused with shea butter, coconut water, and sea moss to ensure the highest level of hydration. Xotics body soaps also work as a skin protectant with a high level of moisturizers and a low level of detergents.

By popular demand, we have incorporated our enchanting Sweet Jamila blend in a cleansing body bar. Infused with essential oils like jojoba, tea tree, and hemp seed, prepare for a revitalizing cleansing experience.

We have created 4 bars that will cover a range of needs. Our “Sport” Bar has apricot kernels that gently exfoliate to give you fresh, glowing smooth skin.  The “Tuxedo” Detoxifying Bar with activating charcoal gives your skin the deep-down purifying treatment you deserve while leaving your skin with a sweet, woodsy arouma.  Our “Success” Deep Moisturizing Body Bar is perfect for pampering your skin. This unique blend with Vitamin C rich Capuacu and Shea Butter provides antioxidants and ultimate moisture.


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