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It’s Not Just Cool, It’s Healthy—Grow A Beard!

Curtis Smith

Posted on December 16 2016

You might have seen the overgrown hip beard trend, especially accompanied with a man bun all around you. The beard trend has taken over and is regaining its perception, going from being ‘unkempt’ as a visible sign of ‘manliness’. You might or might not like it, but the trend is in and is here to stay. For men who love beards, they are in for plenty of other benefits. Fortunately, it is not just about style but also about the health benefits. Here are a few reasons why you might want to follow the no-shave trend and let your beard do the talking:

Shaving Often Leads To Acne

If you have a lush beard, there is a good chance you have silky smooth skin underneath it. Shaving more than often leads to distribution of acne causing bacteria across the face. Let your beard sprout freely and you add another layer to protect your skin.

Protection Against UV Rays

Thick beards are able to block out almost all of UV radiation targeting your face. They safeguard your skin against burns and also minimize the chances of UV radiation induced cancer.

Boost Confidence

Beards give you a rush of power as well as confidence that is visible to people around you. According to this article, growing a beard can help you set better standards for your life and notice success in challenging walks of life.

Act As A Natural Filter

When you grow a moustache, you protect your nose from allergens and minimize the chances of allergies. However, when you grow a beard along with it, you take natural protection to a whole new level. It blocks out bacteria and allergens from entering your mouth allowing you to notice evident signs of better health.

Look Younger

Bear with us here. Since facial hair keep out UV radiation, allergens, dust, debris and bacteria they protect your skin from acne, rashes, irritation, redness and cancerous elements. Apart from boosting overall health, your beard will also minimize chances of fine lines and wrinkles, making you look younger.

Maintains Moist Skin

The downside of shaving is that it opens up skin pores, leaving them prone to bacterial infections while the natural moisture dries out. When you grow a beard, you avoid this problem altogether, helping ensure that your skin stays moist and smooth. It is more than just another facial accessory. If someone asks you to shave it off, let them know all these benefits and why they should grow one instead. Check out all the awesome natural skin care products for men in our collection. Need some information? Feel free to get in touch with us right away.

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