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The Complete Guide To Speeding Up Facial Hair Growth

Curtis Smith

Posted on March 18 2017

A rugged, thick beard accompanied by a thick moustache is a symbol of power. However, growing good facial hair requires patience and perseverance. This is especially true since the growth rate depends largely on testosterone levels in the body. While genetics play a huge role in how fast you can grow a beard or moustache, a few simple tips can speed up the process.

Take Good Care Of Your Body

The quality and growth of your facial hair depends largely on the type of food you eat. Add more proteins to your diet like egg, fish and beans. Also, stress is a serious problem when it comes to stunted hair growth. Cut down stress by exercising and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Exercising daily will improve circulation of blood in your body and improve hair growth. Also use an exfoliating scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells from your face. Using a mild soap will also help maintain cleaner skin to boost growth of smaller facial hair.

Commit To The Process

Most men realize that the process can be tiresome. Many give up halfway through process, particularly at the point where progress is being made. When you try to grow your beard, there will come a time when the itch kicks in—you may feel like scratching 24/7. This discomfort is typically the point where men give up and shave their beards off. In order to see some improvement, let the razor rest for at least four to six weeks. Eventually, the hair will grow softer, becoming less irritating.

Work With Your Beard

Facial hair is not like other hair on your body. It wouldn’t grow as quickly as the hair on your head. When you start growing a beard, the hair wouldn’t fill in every gap and spot. No matter how hard you try, there will still be a few hairless spots left behind. The trick is to let your beard grow to the point where it makes up for the hairless spots and hides them. Also consider investing in quality shaving products that are designed to promote facial hair growth. Online stores like Xotics Products offer a wide collection of shea butter products for skin aimed at helping men grow beard.

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