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Tips To Grow A Glorious Beard!

Curtis Smith

Posted on March 08 2017

Majority of men grow beards because they admire the looks; many do it for the rugged appearance. Most popular celebrities have started donning beards as well. Whether you want to impress the ladies or just try out a different style, there is no denying the fact that beards attract a good dose of attention. Latest research studies are also uncovering many health benefits of growing beards. If you have been struggling to get that manly mane look but always end up with a patchy one, here are some pro tips to help you out.

Let The Beard Go Wild

Obtaining a solid, dense beard takes at least a month (or two for some). Let the razor rest. Hold off any heavy duty trimming or shaping for the first thirty days. This wouldn’t just let your hair sprout out freely, but it will also help you get an idea of what kind of shapes your beard can take once it is ready.

Skin Is The Foundation For Your Beard

The underlying layer of skin is the key player here. While your facial hair follicles will be the heroes here, the skin under them plays an equally important role in determining the intensity of growth. Your skin can be any one of the three common types—sensitive, dry or oily—if you don’t know this, ask your barber to help out. We have plenty of quality shaving products to help you out. Browse through our collection right away.

Stay Moisturized At All Times

Getting to know your facial hair and having a barber-partner who knows his stuff is important to unlock your beard’s true potential. Also, moisturizing with the right stuff is important. We recommend you invest in the 5000 BC Beard Oil that will help you tame even the wildest of facial hair, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin underneath.

The Itch Is Inevitable

Any guy who has ever armed himself with a luscious beard would second, that at one point, the skin fights back. It is inevitable. However, it shouldn’t be a reason enough to get your hands on a razor. Keep cleaning, maintaining and moisturizing your beard and it will pass.

Time To Shape It Up

Once you have battled the itch and taken care of your beard like a baby, you will eventually have the perfect canvas to create the right masterpiece. What’s in? Thick on the cheeks and a bit more angular towards the chin—let your dense beard shape your face. Even though regular appointments with your barber will do good, the first steps towards growing the right beard starts at home. Invest in top quality shaving products and give your beard the royal treatment it deserves! Best of luck!

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