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Tools of the Trade: Razors for the Cleanest Cut Ever!

Curtis Smith

Posted on August 15 2019

A smooth close shave looks great and feels even better. Unfortunately, the razor burn is a very real danger for men who shave frequently. These burns are caused by improper shaving, and ends in itchiness and red bumps. So when was the last time you replaced the razor? We are all a little guilty of stretching more life out of our razors, but it can cost us in more than one ways. Premium razors don’t cost a lot to begin with, but trying to shave with an old razor causes serious harm to your shave and to the skin.

New Razor Blades Improve the Results of Shaving

Whether you go old school with razors, or get the new multiple-blade Gillette, what you need is a sharp blade! Take care of the razor. Protect it in its own luggage case because the slightest damage to the blade can end up scratching your skin while shaving.

Ensure a Smoother Shave

Another reason to shave with a sharp razor is because it results in a smoother shave. A dull razor against your skin doesn’t effectively cut through the hair follicles. And while some follicles may receive a clean cut others end up being torn instead. This is a problem because a rough shave is caused by these damaged and pulled hair follicles. They may also grow out rougher or worse, end up forming subcutaneous, angry red bumps. These razor bumps cause itchiness and irritation.

The Last Word: Use a Quality Razor and Change the Blades Often!

Invest in a good quality sharp razor blade as well as this Matte Black and Gold Swing Latch Straight Razor Holder to ensure a stylish, close, clean shave. Remember, a dull razor blade is extremely distressing, and even hurtful, to the skin and can lead to a painful shaving rash. Just imagine trying to slice a tomato with a dull knife, you will only end up tearing and badly mangling it. The same goes for your skin. Keep the blade sharp and you will end up with a clean shave that will last longer. Depending on the roughness of your beard, it’s a good idea to change the blade every three to ten shaves. And in case the blade gets dull faster, ditch it, regardless of the number of shaves. For more guidance on buying shaving products, and ensuring the best possible shave ever, explore our products!

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